Managing SSH Keys

SSH key based access is a popular and secure method of logging in to a remote server. Our GUI based key manager lets you easily upload & add your keys to your VPS.

You can use any key pair generation tool for this purpose. Refer to this article for assistance.

How do I add a public key on my server?

Step 1: Login to your VPS Order management panel. Learn how.

Step 2: Navigate to the Manage SSH Keys page

In the Server Management Panel, click on the menu and click on SSH Keys.

Step 3: Add a new SSH Key

  • Click on Add New.

  • Give this key a recognizable name in SSH Key Name and paste the public key from your local system in the SSH Public Key box. You can upload & simultaneously install the key on the server by selecting the Install on the server checkbox.

  • If the Install on the server checkbox not checked, the key is simply uploaded to the Key Manager and you can install it on the server later by clicking on Install